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Health Freedom Idaho (HFI) was created to protect our access to and preserve our freedoms in regards to the health care of our choice. We are a concerned group of citizens, professionals and families in Idaho interested in preserving Idaho’s health freedoms. Powerful forces are at work to limit what your favorite health practitioners can do – and the supplements and healing approaches they can offer. Special interests are attempting to limit your ability to make healthcare decisions for yourself and your own children. In addition, a safe, clean food supply is no longer something we can take for granted. Making healthy choices is becoming increasingly difficult. That’s why Health Freedom Idaho (HFI) is important.

Given our belief that each person, parent or guardian should be free to choose how to get and stay well, we are committed to promote and preserve for the people of Idaho the right to access the healing and health care treatment, information, and services of their choice which they determine are necessary for their own health and survival; protect practitioners’ right to practice; develop state laws, statutes, and codes that honor our inalienable human right to self determination in all aspects of our own and our children’s health; and empower the citizens of Idaho by advocating understanding of the laws and factors impacting their right to access.

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