Veto SB163

Dear Advocate,

SB163 is blatantly discriminatory legislation which targets a minority group of innocent children whose parents choose to forego one or more vaccines. The Colorado legislature rammed the bill through in an abbreviated session during a global pandemic and as daily protests lined the streets of Denver. In these defining days, as the importance of equity has captured our attention perhaps more than ever before, Colorado needs legislation which fosters unity – not division.

SB163 unashamedly creates a second class of child: those who are undeserving of FERPA, those who must be re-educated, tracked, and monitored. Rather than subject their children to this subversive legislation, the 2.6% minority of parents who utilize vaccine exemptions stand ready to withdraw their children from public schools. In an urgent plea to end this senseless discrimination, we call upon Governor Polis to VETO SB163 and uphold their children’s right to a Free and Appropriate Public Education.

Colorado Health Choice Alliance

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